Top 10 Astrology Groups in the USA & Beyond

Do you enjoy meeting other people who share your interest in Astrology? We were curious to know where the most astrology buffs were located. If you visit the Meetup website, you can get an idea of where the biggest interest in Astrology is. Currently, these are the top ten Astrology Meetup groups in the world:

  1. Central Florida Creative Spiritual Living Meetup
    3,699 Conscious Creators | Orlando, FL
  2. Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Meditation & Alternative Healing Group
    2,539 Members | Upland, CA
  3. Mindful Events
    2,437 members | Henderson, NV
  4. The Metaphysical and Intuitive Development Group
    2,252 Mystical Seekers | Victoria, BC
  5. Holistic Gateway / Center for the Healing Arts
    1,993 Members | Minneapolis, MN
  6. The New York City Astrology Meetup
    1,720 Astrology Buffs | New York, NY
  7. Meditation Exploration with Sharon Stanford
    1,607 Self explorers | Brisbane, Australia
  8. Astrology Circle
    1,590 Stars | Orlando, FL
  9. The Greater Houston Metaphysics Meetup Group
    1,543 Metamembers | Houston, TX
  10. Detroit Area Tarot Guild
    1,531 members of the Tarot Tribe | Ferndale, MI

What do these groups have in common?

By location, they are mostly in North America, but not in any regular pattern or region. Unless we take a look at where they are NOT located. We really don’t see any large groups in the center of the US. All of them are in coastal or border states (Michigan and Minnesota, USA and Victoria BC, CA) with the exception of Nevada. What does that indicate?

On the surface, you could draw the conclusion that the heartland does not have as many residents who are interested in mystical or metaphysical concepts. We do tend to stereotype that part of the country as being more conservative – politically, morally and spiritually. The coastal dwellers are often seen as freer thinkers, who explore alternative ideas in health, metaphysics, and more.

This is a very generalized stereotype to be sure, but it does seem to go along with the other conclusions many have about the Coast dwellers versus the Heartland communities of our society.

The top ten Astrology Meetup Groups indicate that there is a lot of interest in Astrology – with 3,699 members in the top group! That’s a lot of people with a shared interest. And you can see by the map that most groups are in North America and Europe.

If you are living within reach of one of these groups, you might want to sign up to attend. And of course, check for other groups in your own community. There are at least 4 groups in San Diego, for instance, with as many as 252 members. If you have ever been to a Meetup, you will know that not all of the members show up for events. There is usually a small core of organizers who are very actively involved and keep things going.

What happens at a Meetup group?

They are all different, but often members will volunteer to be a speaker at a meeting, and share some of their knowledge and beliefs. Other groups may meet at a restaurant have open discussion over a meal or coffee. And if the Meetup group you chose doesn’t “fit” you, try another one. It really depends on the others who are in the group and how you feel about getting to know them.

Many Meetups are free or they may charge a small amount to join or for meetings to help pay for your group’s expenses – renting a space, light refreshments, etc. But if you are interested in finding like-minded believers in Astrology, Meetups are a great place to start.


Sources: Image and statistics are from the Meetup website . Please visit them for more information.