If You Were Born September 24 – October 23, You Are a Libra

You Are a Libra


The Zodiac Sign of Libra — September 24 – October 23

The most balanced personality, the power of unearthly charm and easy­going stick-to-it-iveness, combined with a deep need to please others, that must describe Libra! Refined, meticulous and thoughtful, yet able to chart a steady course and reach their goals, the Libran is soft, ­likable, yet ­curiously sturdy and resilient.

Maddeningly, he or she can also be indecisive, unable to face confrontation, and so dependent on love as to lose themselves and to be controlled or used by unscrupulous mates and ­children. Above all else, this sign needs trustworthy, symbiotic ­relationships, ones in which order and harmony ­prevail.

Libra is looking for the perfect mate and is usually spoiled for choice. No other sign is so softly refined, ­so ­elegant and poised, and all are well-famed for pleasing ­features and graceful manners. Certain members of this sign are absolutely irresistible, the gentle homme and femme fatales of the zodiac. Love at first sight? The object of devotion is probably a Libran. Their pleasing natures are softly addicting and the smitten will pursue him or her to the ends of the earth seeking favors.

As a lover and parent, things go well when they glide softly. A gentle, cultivated, slightly brainy partner does best. Children who are affectionate, always tidy, and downright pretty are most welcomed. In love with love best describes a Libra. They really do want to please everybody and will try their hardest to do so, but after giving it their full effort and failing, the Libran is guaranteed to move on. There is a line that, when crossed, sends them finally toward change. It just takes a lot longer to get them there than it does other zodiac signs.

The Libran does well in all partnerships, from business to romance to family. The scales of justice and balance operate full tilt in this personality. Reasonable and obstinate, compliant yet demanding, their strengths and weaknesses flow back and forth. What does it take for this ­subject to reach his or her potential? For one thing, the ability to look beneath the surface; the Libran does not like to explore murky depths. Anything remotely distasteful sends them running.That’s a mistake in their understanding because the scales, which they control, must measure everything. The harvest is weighed against gold. Good always accompanies bad. Loss against gain. If the scales of justice and truth are to remain even, then all must be measured.

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