The Story of the Astrology of the East and West

We all want to know more about ourselves. This curiosity is in place even after many centuries of logical thought and scientific progress. The closer science comes to fact, the closer we come to wondering about the unexplained – it is this which keeps astrology alive.  — Ruth May-Hoffman

The Story of the Western Zodiac

The Western Zodiac Signs In the west, astrology began as an observable science; by the time civilization developed in the Tigris-Euphrates valley studying the night sky was a part of the social order. The ancients observed that the apparent motion of the sun, planets, and stars was around the earth. They hypothesized that this motion indicated forces which could affect human life. Early cultures so correctly mapped the observable zodiac that for many centuries astronomy and astrology were one and the same.
Thus it was observation, not myth, which developed astrology in the west. How could it not be that celestial events were in partnership with human life?
Later, scientific advances in Europe allowed astronomers to correct certain misperceptions; the apparent motion which suggested that the sun and planets revolved around the earth was proven false, new planets were discovered, and the earth was revealed not as the center of the universe but as only one of the sun’s satellites. Yet that mistake in observation did not invalidate astrology; the earth is still the center of human life and the hypothesis of planetary influences remains valid. In the west, astrology suffered not so much because of scientific advances, but because the academic age of reason separated church and state and chose reality over myth. More recently, however, western astrology has been reborn due in large part to the rise of Holism, which suggests that we are the product of many unseen and subtle forces.
Below is a chart of the Western Zociac signs – you can use it to find yours.

The Western Zodiac Signs

Mar. 21 — Apr. 20July 24 — Aug. 23Nov. 23 — Dec. 21
Apr. 21 — May 21Aug. 24 — Sept. 23Dec. 22 — Jan. 20
May 22 — June 21Sept. 24 — Oct. 23Jan. 21 — Feb. 19
June 22 — July 23Oct. 24 — Nov. 22Feb. 20 — Mar. 20


The Story of the Eastern Astrological Years

Chinese Astrology Signs

The Jade Emperor

The Jade Emperor

One day the jade emperor, ruler of the heavens and the cosmos, realized he knew little of the earth and the wondrous creatures who lived there. He summoned his chief advisor and asked to meet the animals of this rich kingdom. “Too many to pass through heaven’s gate,” he was told. The emperor decided to meet twelve of the most interesting. Those who served humanity and were beautiful or clever were determined to be of most interest, so the advisor set out to make the selection.
After pondering his choices, the advisor issued twelve summons. At the appointed hour all but the Cat made their appearance; as it happened the Rat, one of the first chosen, liked the Cat but was jealous of its beauty and so gave the wrong appointed time. The Cat overslept and the jade emperor was furious at its lack of manners. He sent his advisor to earth to find the first animal he saw. That’s how the Pig, in a basket on the way to market, was chosen to substitute for the Cat.
Once assembled at heaven’s gate, the animals clustered and jockeyed to be first in line. The Rat, both wily and charming but small, began to fret at his chances of being first. Just as the gates were to open, it jumped on the Ox’s nose and began to play the fiddle. The ploy worked, the emperor was delighted and the rat was admitted first. The Ox, who had borne the affront with good humor and patience, was admitted second. And one by one the rest of the animals were put in order according to their appearance, their attributes, and their beauty. The lucky dozen and their positions: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.
To find your Eastern Animal Sign, consult the chart below.

The Eastern Animals Signs

From Year Monthto YearMonthYou Are A:
1900Jan and 31to1901Feb and 18RAT
1901Feb and 19to1902Feb and 7OX
1902Feb and 8to1903,Jan and 28TIGER
1903Jan and 29to1904Feb and 15RABBIT
1904Feb and 16to1905Feb and 3DRAGON
1905Feb and 4to1906Jan and 24SNAKE
1906Jan and 25to1907Feb and 12HORSE
1907Feb and 13to1908Feb and 1RAM
1908Feb and 2to1909Jan and 21MONKEY
1909Jan and 22to1910Feb and 9ROOSTER
1910Feb and 10to1911Jan and 29DOG
1911Jan and 30to1912Feb and 17PIG
1912Feb and 18to1913Feb and 5RAT
1913Feb and 6to1914Jan and 25OX
1914Jan and 26to1915Feb and 13TIGER
1915Feb and 14to1916Feb and 2RABBIT
1916Feb and 3to1917Jan and 22DRAGON
1917Jan and 23to1918Feb and 10SNAKE
1918Feb and 11to1919Jan and 31HORSE
1919Feb and 1to1920Feb and 19RAM
1920Feb and 20to1921Feb and 7MONKEY
1921Feb and 8to1922Jan and 27ROOSTER
1922Jan and 28to1923Feb and 15DOG
1923Feb. 16to1924Feb. 4PIG
1924Feb and 5to1925Jan and 23RAT
1925Jan and 24to1926Feb and 12OX
1926Feb and 13to1927Feb and 1TIGER
1927Feb and 2to1928Jan and 22RABBIT
1928Jan and 23to1929Feb and 9DRAGON
1929Feb and 10to1930Jan and 29SNAKE
1930Jan and 30to1931Feb and 16HORSE
1931Feb and 17to1932Feb and 5RAM
1932Feb and 6to1933Jan and 25MONKEY
1933Jan and 26to1934Feb and 13ROOSTER
1934Feb and 14to1935Feb and 3DOG
1935Feb and 4to1936Jan and 23PIG
1936Jan and 24to1937Feb and 10RAT
1937Feb and 11to1938Jan and 30OX
1938Jan and 31to1939Feb and 18TIGER
1939Feb and 19to1940Feb and 7RABBIT
1940Feb and 8to1941Jan and 26DRAGON
1941Jan and 27to1942Feb and 14SNAKE
1942Feb and 15to1943Feb and 4HORSE
1943Feb and 5to1944Jan and 24RAM
1944Jan and 25to1945Feb and 12MONKEY
1945Feb and 13to1946Feb and 1ROOSTER
1946Feb and 2to1947Jan and 21DOG
1947Jan and 22to1948Feb and 9PIG
1948Feb and 10to1949Jan and 28RAT
1949Jan and 29to1950Feb and 16OX
1950Feb and 17to1951Feb and 5TIGER
1951Feb and 6to1952Jan and 26RABBIT
1952Jan and 27to1953Feb and 13DRAGON
1953Feb and 14to1954Feb and 2SNAKE
1954Feb and 3to1955Jan and 23HORSE
1955Jan and 24to1956Feb and 11RAM
1956Feb and 12to1957Jan and 30MONKEY
1957Jan and 31to1958Feb and 17ROOSTER
1958Feb and 18to1959Feb and 7DOG
1959Feb and 8to1960Jan and 27PIG
1960Jan and 28to1961Feb and 14RAT
1961Feb and 15to1962Feb and 4OX
1962Feb and 5to1963Jan and 24TIGER
1963Jan and 25to1964Feb and 12RABBIT
1964Feb and 13to1965Feb and 1DRAGON
1965Feb and 2to1966Jan and 20SNAKE
1966Jan and 21to1967Feb and 8HORSE
1967Feb and 9to1968Jan and 29RAM
1968Jan and 30to1969Feb and 16MONKEY
1969Feb and 17to1970Feb and 5ROOSTER
1970Feb and 6to1971Jan and 26DOG
1971Jan and 27to1972Feb and 14PIG
1972Feb and 15to1973Feb and 2RAT
1973Feb and 3to1974Jan and 22OX
1974Jan and 23to1975Feb and 10TIGER
1975Feb and 11to1976Jan and 30RABBIT
1976Jan and 31to1977Feb and 17DRAGON
1977Feb and 18to1978Feb and 6SNAKE
1978Feb and 7to1979Jan and 27HORSE
1979Jan and 28to1980Feb and 15RAM
1980Feb and 16to1981Feb and 4MONKEY
1981Feb and 5to1982Jan and 24ROOSTER
1982Jan and 25to1983Feb and 12DOG
1983Feb and 13to1984Feb and 1PIG
1984Feb and 2to1985Feb and 19RAT
1985Feb and 20to1986Feb and 8OX
1986Feb and 9to1987Jan and 28TIGER
1987Jan and 29to1988Feb and 16RABBIT
1988Feb and 17to1989Feb and 5DRAGON
1989Feb and 6to1990Jan and 26SNAKE
1990Jan and 27to1991Feb and 14HORSE
1991Feb and 15to1992Feb and 3RAM
1992Feb and 4to1993Jan and 22MONKEY
1993Jan and 23to1994Feb and 9ROOSTER
1994Feb and 10to1995Jan and 30DOG
1995Jan and 31to1996Feb and 18PIG
1996Feb and 19to1997Feb and 6RAT
1997Feb and 7to1998Jan and 27OX
1998Jan and 28to1999Feb and 15TIGER
1999Feb and 16to2000Feb and 4RABBIT
2000Feb and 5to2001Jan and 23DRAGON
2001Jan and 24to2002Feb and 11SNAKE
2002Feb and 12to2003Jan and 31HORSE
2003Feb and 1to2004Jan and 21RAM
2004Jan and 22to2005Feb and 8MONKEY
2005Feb and 9to2006Jan and 28ROOSTER
2006Jan and 29to2007Feb and 17DOG
2007Feb and 18to2008Feb and 6PIG
2008Feb and 7to2009Jan and 25RAT
2009Jan and 26to2010Feb and 13OX
2010Feb and 14to2011Feb and 2TIGER
2011Feb and 3to2012Jan and 22RABBIT
2012Jan and 23to2013Feb and 9DRAGON
2013Feb and 10to2014Jan and 30SNAKE
2014Jan and 31to2015Feb and 18HORSE
2015Feb and 19to2016Feb and 7RAM
2016Feb and 8to2017Jan and 27MONKEY
2017Jan and 28to2018Feb and 15ROOSTER
2018Feb and 16to2019Feb and 4DOG
2019Feb and 5to2020Jan and 24PIG