Is Your Birthday September 24 — October 23?

If  you were born September 24 — October 23, you are a Libra! Balanced Libra The most balanced personality, the power of unearthly charm and easygoing stick-to-it-iveness, combined with a deep need to please others, that must describe Libra! Refined, meticulous and thoughtful, yet able to chart a steady course and reach their goals, the Libran is soft, ­likable, yet…

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Sagittarius Rules the year’s end

Sagittarius’ embodiment is the centaur, half horse, and half man. Centaurs are often drunken creatures who are always up to mischief and no good.

Virgo, it’s your birthday today!

Virgo is just too good.  All work and no play, their compulsion for detail can drive some crazy. As children, of course, they are everybody’s favorite — primly tidy, reasonable and ready to follow the rules. As adults, some of the luster fades, and they plainly just don’t seem to be quite as much fun.

Your sign Is Cancer if its your birthday today

If you were born June 22 — July 23,  you are a Cancer