About EAST meets WEST – Personality Portraits

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The EAST meets WEST Personality Portraits enhance the full potential of our lives

By first revealing our basic natures, and then addressing shared compatibilities and traits, East meets West Personality Portraits are meant to enhance our lives and relationships.  Throughout history, human beings in both the East and the West have tried to accept the chance of their birth, and quested to find the true order and harmony that exists within that chance. Astrology, which in legend came from the heavens, provides us with both the direct explanations of a road map and the subtler clues of intuition. Applying these interlocking systems to our lives connects us to ourselves and to the full experience of who we are. And, in a very fun and natural way, it reveals how complex and rich our life experience truly is.

For thousands of years astrology has determined an individual’s self is predestined by the positions of the planets when born. Eastern astrology, based on lunar years, and Western astrology, based on the rotation of the earth around the sun, give the insights needed to envision your portrait.

When East and West meet in astrology, the result is a fusion of traditions

 Forms, colors, animus, all become something new and refreshingly alive. In the hands of six painters, a pallet is transformed into creative pyrotechnics, and 144 original personality portraits emerge. No human experience (indeed no cosmic experience) is excluded, and the results are works of singular charm, technique, and vigor. We see that in the hands of one artist the combined astrology is revealed in one way, in the hands of another a new vision emerges, and in others different impressions appear, for this is art of a very high caliber. But it is also art which is never inaccessible because it concerns ourselves, our friends, and our loved ones; the clues are all visual, and they allow us to see ourselves as never before.

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