PRESS RELEASE February 7, 2018

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Astrology Book Series by Ruth May Hoffman

San Diego, CA February 7, 2018 – Ruth May-Hoffman, a local San Diegan authored 12 amazing books featuring the blending of Eastern and Western astrological signs.  These books answer the question of “why” the standard astrological charts and readings do not show a person’s true and whole personality.

She spent time researching and developing this exclusive series of books that describe in detail, the merger of one’s Western Astrological traits with those from the Eastern Zodiac. Signifying her love of art, she commissioned the “Original Six” talented artists to portray the blending of Eastern and Western Astrology signs.

The Original Six Artists

The Original Six Artists from left to right: John Abel, Ken Goldman, Analise Rigan, Andre Rushing (front), Thierry Chatelain, and Stephanie Goldman.

On the Home page of, visitors can learn their personal Eastern and Western Astrological Sign and purchase these incredible books (also available on Amazon). Site visitors will find the original artwork, prints, and other gift products for sale.  Coming soon: eBook versions on Amazon.

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