EASTmeetsWEST Books On Kindle

The EASTmeetsWEST Book Series is now available on Amazon KindleAstrology Book Series by Ruth May Hoffman

If you are shopping for The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day, this is it! No worries about shipping and missing the big day. Don’t know the Eastern Animal sign of your loved one?

The Astrology Story page on our website has charts for all the birth years, or use our calculator.

Each of our books has beautiful illustrations and gives details about how the Eastern Animal Sign interacts with the Western Signs most of us are more familiar with. This combined sign gives a more in-depth look into the personality than consulting charts for the west or east astrological signs.

About the East meets West Astrological Personality Portraits Books 

We are what we are – when you paint your own portrait what do you see? If you believe in astrology, you will always be able to see far beyond the simple three-dimensional outer shell. Some call it your aura, a radiating light…some say it is the light of your soul.

For thousands of years astrology has determined an individual’s self is predestined by the positions of the planets when born. Eastern astrology, based on lunar years, and Western astrology, based on the rotation of the earth around the sun, gives the insights needed to envision your portrait.

An astrological personality portrait is an allegorical body of information both individual and global in scope. It is designed to reveal facts about our deeper natures as well as our interactions with other individuals, with society and with the larger forces that are at work in the universe. We all seek to better know about ourselves and each other and to gain some clues that will help us smoothly pave the way of our choices, helping us facilitate our passage through life. That is what these personality portraits seek to provide. Clues.

Beautifully formatted, these books show you a picture of your astrological self, your strengths and your weaknesses, and how the combination of eastern and western signs creating the whole makes you distinctively and uniquely …you.

 Head over to Amazon Kindle right now and get The Perfect Gift. We are excited to be offering our books in the Kindle format but recommend that you consider our printed editions to really appreciate the beauty of the artwork contained in our books. 

We are offering a special price for the ebooks when ordering both types at the same time.