Were You Born January 21-February 19? You Are An Aquarian

You Are An Aquarian

Aquarius and The Dog

Aquarius, the Water Bearer, with the Eastern Animal, The Dog.

The Zodiac Sign of Aquarius— January 21-February 19

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, represented by the Water Bearer.

Aquarians are thought to be very intelligent and witty. They like to know the truth, they are progressive thinkers, and often unconventional. They can be good at communicating with others and have a knack for catching on to concepts quickly, but this ability can work against them, making it hard for them to focus on one topic at a time. Also, their honesty and bluntness can hurt other people without their meaning to, alienating them from friends who think them insensitive. This can make for a lonely life for Aquarians, as it can even happen with family and loved ones making them even more isolated in close relationships.  As a result, Aquarians are reluctant to open up to others on a deeper level. They may have many friends, but the relationships are often superficial.

When you are a true friend of an Aquarian, they will be loving and loyal to you. They are good caregivers and will do anything to support and help a true friend. This loving character is also seen in their desire to make the world a better place. And although they may often be considered loners, they do enjoy getting involved in organizations and can be very devoted to humanitarian causes. Their goal is to be good people and do good for all people.

Aquarius is an Air Sign

Although Aquarius is the Water Bearer, it is not a Water Sign. Air signs are great thinkers and have a huge curiosity about everything. Many famous creatives in literature and music,  inventors, explorers,  and some of our most popular humanitarian presidents – Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are Aquarians.  Great thinkers such as Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein are among those born under this sign. Inquisitiveness is a strong trait, and we see some of the most famous explorers among this group – Ferdinand Magellan, Ernest Shackleton and Charles Lindberg are all famous for attempting the impossible and setting records for their bold ideas.

Famous Aquarian Women

Famous women who are leaders, thinkers, creatives, and rebels are amongst the Water Beares as well. Oprah Winfrey, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Corazon Aquino, Yoko Ono and Virginia Woolf are all Aquarians.

To see more famous  Aquarians, watch for our upcoming post.

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