Born July 24 — August 23? Your Are A Leo!

You are a Leo if your birthday is July 24 — August 23.

Fine Art PrintLeo is the zodiac’s sunshine, full of honest-hearted charm and golden warmth. Bound to be bossy, rich in ­opinions, and in definite need of a kingdom to rule, he or she still always make a good worker, a good colleague, and friend. A bit dramatic, given to flair in manner, dress and causes, this feline turns monarch at the drop of the hat. There is something regal in this sign, approachable and openly friendly, yet still very much a ruler. Step on the lion’s tail and be prepared for an outraged roar. The lion does not tolerate impertinence and will never forgive disrespect.

In Western legend, the lion is the symbol of power — the king of the beasts, so strong and so brave that it took Hercules to destroy him. Their battle was so close that even when defeated, Zeus felt he must honor the lion with a prominent place in the night skies.

But, give Leo the opportunity to shine, and what a show-off develops! When happy, fulfilled and appreciated, there is no more dedicated a professional. Leo is one zodiac Sun sign that needs to work. They have a hard time pushing away from the desk, shutting down the glory and going home.

Where does that leave love and marriage? Rocky business for the king and queen of the jungle, because both have the cat’s love for strategy, manipulation, and the ­sudden pounce. Leo has the reputation for colorful love affairs and turbulent marriagesfind out more details in our EastmeetsWest books, available for sale on our shop pageYou can learn more details about your Western sign, Leo, and how it combines with your Eastern animal sign. To purchase an ebook, you get get our Kindle versions on Amazon.

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