You Are A Virgo!

If you were born August 24 — September 23,  you are a Virgo!

The western astrology sign of VirgoZeus, that rascal king of the gods, fell in love with and pursued the titaness, ­Themis. They had a daughter, Virgo, so wise and so able that she was made goddess of justice and reigned over the earth during its golden age of female rule. This was a ­glorious and peaceful time and Virgo was renowned for her wisdom, compassion, and her modest demeanor. She got the job done without a flurry of fuss and bother, which quickly came to anger the men of the earth. They rose in concert against her and spoiled her quiet leadership. Furious at the affront, Virgo abandoned the earth and was installed in the heavens, where her great goodness could shine, fully appreciated.

Those born with their sun in Virgo display many of their ancestors’ best traits. They are analytical and detail-oriented. Nothing misses the Virgo’s notice and they strive for perfection in everything they do. Full of nervous vitality these subjects are hard workers and full of follow-through when doing a task. It’s not untrue to say they miss nothing in the observation (and in the reporting).

Virgo is nothing if not careful in every task they do. Is it a compulsion? That depends. The essence of the Virgo nature is honesty, purity and the need for service. They pride themselves on their usefulness and display it in an honest and meticulous way. Unfortunately some of the rest of the zodiac ­mistake these qualities for rigidity, inflexibility and even ­elitism. They separate are from us, too detached and superior in their goodness, making it easy to debase them.

All that tidy fussiness is good for satire, and the poor Virgo commonly suffers from the rumblings of the less critical. Astrologers do say that Virgos can be their own worst enemies, losing sight of the big picture in favor of minutia. Often, Virgos become mired in details, missing the connections that lead to truly ­effective organization and management. It is said that these subjects are better as team members than leaders. Could this be the fatal flaw that lead to downfall of this goddess, and sent her fleeing to the heavens?

Maybe. Virgo is just too good. Even a little humorless. All work and no play, their compulsion for detail can drive some crazy. As children, of course, they are everybody’s favorite — primly tidy, reasonable and ready to follow the rules. As adults, some of the luster fades, and they plainly just don’t seem to be quite as much fun.
As for emotional relationships, Virgos can be lost in their own cool reserve. They are said to be notably lacking in ardor and passion, although that may be a result of their inability to express their deepest needs. Underneath their surface each Virgo has much love to share and receive. How to address their needs and to place them on the table is the challenge.

As a parent he or she can seem detached and unloving, often sadly focused on staid behavior from little ones and not on the overall charms of childhood.
It will take work for the Virgo to join in the mess of ­living, the mainstream of human endeavors, and the ­general untidiness of the rest of the zodiac. If this most reserved of Sun signs lightens up and relaxes, their true nature shines through, and their humanity becomes accessible. As a group they do not shimmer or sparkle at the surface. Virgo’s true greatness comes from inside where each are truly lit with gentle goodness and purity. Letting that light shine outward is their greatest gift, and possibly their greatest challenge.