Were You Born October 23 – November 21? You Are A Scorpio

You Are a ScorpioScorpios born October 23 - November 21

The Zodiac Sign of Scorpio— October 23 – November 21


Do You Want A Scorpio in Your Life?

Knowing the astrological sign of your partner, colleague, friends and most especially, your adversaries is critical to your communication and ultimately the relationship you pursue. While there are two sides of every Astrological sign, let’s begin with the western version for this discussion.

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Scorpio Traits

The Scorpio-born have a magnetic charm that can’t be ignored. Scorpions are strong-willed and mysterious and know how to effortlessly grab the limelight. They possess what it takes to achieve their goals.

Positive Traits

  • Focused
    One of the major strengths they have is their ability to focus. If a Scorpio-born has decided on something, it’s almost impossible to divert them from their path.
  • Brave
    The Scorpio-born will never lose their sleepover disruptive times and failures. The Scorpio will take it head on regardless how difficult the situation may seem
  • Balanced
    The Scorpio-born are jovial and passionate, but not immature and careless. They are quite mature and balanced, and you will prefer to remain in the company of a Scorpio as they are interesting personalities.
  • Faithful
    The Scorpio-born are trustworthy and faithful. It’s great to have a faithful Scorpio around. He will always stand by you if he has promised he would.
  • Ambitious
    Power, position, and money are the key motivators for a Scorpio. The Scorpio are an ambitious lot. They will aim for the stars and will ensure that they reach there.
  • Intuitive
    The Scorpio-born are lead by their instincts and they take the right decisions at an opportune time. They are so intuitive that they can easily read the mind of other people.


Negative Traits

  • Jealous
    The Scorpio tend to be extremely possessive and jealous. And the jealousy more often than not disturbs their relationships and affects their peace of mind.
  • Secretive
    The Scorpio will not let people easily know what’s going on in their mind or life.They find it extremely difficult to trust people and are therefore very secretive, making others feeling left out.
  • Resentful
    Scorpio are very sensitive. They get hurt easily by negative treatment and comments. Watch out! They will try to get even with those who dared to insult or harm them.
  • Manipulative
    Although they are sensitive and considerate, Scorpions can become extremely ruthless, especially when they are supposed to take tough/ firm decisions, and so no emotions can hinder them.Manipulative and domineering as they are, Scorpio-born have a knack of getting things done their way.


Now, enter the Eastern Animal Signs and see how the profile of a Scorpion changes when both Western and Eastern signs are present.


As a demonstration, we entered the exact date for someone born October 31, 1990, resulting in a Horse-Scorpio combination.Horse Scorpio

Your Combined Signs: Horse Scorpio

The easy-going spirit of the Eastern animal of the Horse, combined with the Western zodiac’s most vehement and forceful sign, Scorpio, result in a trade-off in energies and talents. Scorpio is a feminine sign — artist Analise Riga she depicts her as half human, half scorpion; she is seen here steadying the magnificent white Horse. The painting suggests that the relationship between the two is mutually profitable, giving rise to a personality which controls the two divergent sources of power.

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Credits: eastmeetswestco.com, GarneshaSpeaks.com