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Sagittarius Rules the year’s end

Were You Born November 22 – December 21? You Are a Sagittarius

The Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius— November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius rules over that period when the year is ending and the New Year is about to be born. Those born under this sign often show the gift of prophecy, if they can settle down for a second from their independent, free and adventurous spirit.

Sagittarius’ embodiment is the centaur, half horse, and half man. Centaurs are often drunken creatures who are always up to mischief and no good. The exception was Cheiron, a boy-colt, raised by Apollo and Diana, who instructed him in civilized occupations, those of medicine, music, archery, gymnastics and other useful arts and sciences. They were pleased with his efforts and hard work and rewarded him with their own gift of prophecy. Growing into horse-manhood he was recognized for his wisdom, grace, and agility and was well known among the gods as a great instructor of their children. While hunting one day, he was mistakenly shot with a poisoned arrow by his good friend Hercules, the hero whose success had earned him immortality and a place among the gods. Cheiron, like all centaurs, was immortal, and Zeus was plagued by the fear that the poisoned wound would torment his beautiful protégé for the rest of eternity. Zeus decided to reward him for his services to the gods and made him the constellation Sagittarius, the Archer, ruler of the ninth house of the Western zodiac.

Sagittarius is enthusiastic and optimistic …

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Virgo, it’s your birthday today!

If you were born August 24 — September 23,  you are a Virgo!

Virgo is nothing if not careful in every task they do. Is it a compulsion? That depends. The essence of the Virgo nature is honesty, purity and the need for service. They pride themselves on their usefulness and display it in an honest and meticulous way. Unfortunately some of the rest of the zodiac ­mistake these qualities for rigidity, inflexibility and even ­elitism. They separate are from us, too detached and superior in their goodness, making it easy to debase them.

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Your sign Is Cancer if its your birthday today

If you were born June 22 — July 23,  you are a Cancer!

Cancer is the crab.Crabs move side to side as well as front to back, living both in the water and out of it and, in spite of a generally pacific stance, can be viciously aggressive when provoked. If complication in zodiac signs means opposing viewpoints at work in the same personality, then Cancer is truly a thorny person. This is, without a doubt, one of the most complex of the Sun signs; understanding a Cancer is often difficult. Depth is a keyword for Cancer. Think of the ocean with thermal layer upon thermal layer, each a different temperature and each surging in a different direction. Then you may be able to imagine the Cancer mind!

Cancer represents the first emotionally rich personality of the solar calendar

It can be said that the first three Sun signs, Aries (fire), Taurus (earth), and Gemini (air), are rather simple, having traits that flow around a few central points, ­making them personalities who are easy to read and understand. Cancer, however, represents the solar calendar’s first complex, emotionally rich personality. His or her feelings are everything — powerful and consuming — the whole world must stop while these feelings are experienced, ­discussed, ­and reworked.

Curiously though, Cancer never really wants to ­discuss your feelings. In fact, the expression of your feelings can be rather a nuisance in conversation. Persist too long with them and the crusty side of the crab will tell you to get over it and move on. Cancers can be quite unpleasant and even drive people away with their seemingly cruel moodiness….

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Were You Born May 22 — June 21?

Were You Born Today? You Are A Gemini!

The Zodiac Sign of Gemini— May 22 — June 21

Who is the Western ­zodiac’s great charmer? Easy answer! It is the most self-enchanted Gemini. Astrologers say that to best understand the sign of the twins you need to understand their Earthly Element. The Gemini mind is said to resemble the most perfect June night, the air alive and shimmering with unearthly delights, perfume, magic and moonlight.

Extraordinary subjects born under this sign are even said to induce ecstatic states in those they wish to charm, literally taking them into the world of their beautiful and secret consciousness. So seductive is their manner that even sophisticated and worldly people may become completely entranced by the Gemini. Don Juan, of Western legend, was a Gemini, and remains to this day the last word in simultaneous romantic success and exploitation. Read More →