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Were You Born March 21 – April 20? You Are An Aries!

You Are An Aries!

Monkey Aries

The Zodiac Sign of Aries— March 21 – April 2

As the zodiac’s first sign, Aries’ (represented by the Ram) personality traits include a strong sense of leadership, individuality and a need to be in charge. Understanding Aries traits can help you get along with this sign in love, work and life. Aries might be well known for some of their more brash traits and characteristics but what many don’t realize is they also have an extremely thoughtful and generous side too. When it comes to their loved ones they would give them just about anything if it would help to make them happy! Read More →

Discovery of 3 New Planets in Pisces

A very exciting discovery has been made by NASA’s Kepler/K2 mission recently.

Three planets, all slightly larger than Earth in diameter, orbit a star called GJ 9827, about 100 light-years away in the constellation Pisces the Fish. A study of the planet trio found that, although they’re all similar in size to our home planet, one of the most massive super-Earths found to date lies among them.

According to Kepler’s overall findings, super-Earth-sized planets (which have masses larger than Earth but smaller than Uranus and Neptune) are the most common in the Milky Way Galaxy. However, no planets of this size exist within our solar system. A group of researchers, led by Johanna Teske of the Carnegie Institution for Science, set out to determine why by learning more about the environment in which these planets formed.

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