Top Challenges for Capricious Capricorn

Who is the zodiac’s most self- contained person? Many would say Capricorn, the goat is the zodiac’s most self contained person. Born in winter, Capricorns have a spare, prudent, and preserving nature, that creates a sense of loneliness.

Were You Born November 22 – December 21? You Are a Sagittarius

Sagittarius’ embodiment is the centaur, half horse, and half man. Centaurs are often drunken creatures who are always up to mischief and no good.

Scorpio: the powerful sun sign

If you were born October 24 — November 23, you are a Scorpio! Which one of the Western zodiac signs has the most power? Scorpio may just be the Western zodiac’s most potent sign. There is no more intense or ­ impassioned Sun sign than Scorpio. These people are instantly recognizable — insistent, ­ discerning, subtle, and obstinate. Every emotional…

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Charming Libras have September-October birthdays

Refined, meticulous and thoughtful, able to chart a steady course and reach goals, Libra is soft, ­likable, yet ­curiously sturdy and resilient.