Were You Born Today? You Are A Gemini!

If you were born May 21 – June 20 you are a Gemini!

Gemini Twins with DogWho is the Western ­zodiac’s great charmer? Easy answer! It is the most self-enchanted Gemini. Astrologers say that to best understand the sign of the twins you need to understand their Earthly Element. The Gemini mind is said to resemble the most perfect June night, the air alive and shimmering with unearthly delights, perfume, magic and moonlight.

Extraordinary subjects born under this sign are even said to induce ecstatic states in those they wish to charm, literally taking them into the world of their beautiful and secret consciousness. So seductive is their manner that even sophisticated and worldly people may become completely entranced by the Gemini. Don Juan, of Western legend, was a Gemini, and remains to this day the last word in simultaneous romantic success and exploitation.

Both male and female subjects are always up-to-date, hip, on the go, and youthful in their mindset and their appearance. Born communicators, they always win an argument. If you need to convince someone with the written word, ask a Gemini to do it; all of them can write. (You’ll treasure any love ­letter you get from them, but watch out when it’s time to break up you’ll never ­forgive the letter they compose for that task.)

It is their inherent duality that makes Gemini so confusing. They change, they waffle, they rethink, they even seem ­scattered, confused and two-faced. And take care, parents of a Gemini child, without proper direction he or she can display a knack for cunning that can take them into the ranks of the criminal.

Rest assured that underneath Gemini’s clutter is a cool and unemotional intellect, continually evaluating and sorting every piece of information that comes their way, all the while doing two or three tasks and carrying on multiple conversations (not to mention romances).

Gemini is just too much for certain zodiac signs!

Their energy level is really that of two people and that, of course, is a great strength. Geminis make the best teachers — alert, timely and able to connect to young minds. Parents? Some of the best. Geminis will always inspire their children, empathizing yet motivating. In the public eye they sparkle; with their communication skills, they convince. The strength of this sign is definitely its intellect, its curiosity and its ability to move through life both as an active player and as an observer. Another of their great traits is the ability to stay current and contemporary, ­bringing the past forward, but not always as the model for future behavior.

The Gemini is never trapped by convention or by static rules. He or she lives in the moment and finds nothing odd or frightening about change. Change is in the wind for these people, a fickle ­quality suggesting a lack of depth which hampers many born under this sign. It’s a shame because that duality of the twins is a great gift. To be able to see both sides of a coin is true clairvoyance and not something to be frittered away in careless exploits. If only he or she would grow up, come down from the clouds, forget the shimmering dreams and face ­reality.

Yet, what a mundane task for such a charmer.