Were You Born October 24 — November 23? Your Are A Scorpio!

If you were born October 24 — November 23, you are a Scorpio!

Scorpio as Yin YangWhich one of the Western zodiac signs has the most power? A case could be made that the Scorpio does. There is no more intense or ­ impassioned Sun sign. These people are instantly recognizable — insistent, ­ discerning, subtle, and obstinate. Every emotional current flows in them and each are characterized by the desire to live life to its fullest.

Sex has to be discussed early in their profile because Scorpio is driven to find satisfaction and will never rest or be at peace without it. In love, Scorpio is possessive and demanding and will go to any length to secure the object of its desire. Astrologers say the deepest sexual twists and turns lie dormant in this psyche. Yet, to dwell on sex alone is to miss the scope of their character. The Scorpio is passionate in all aspects: politics, art, work, ­relationships, religion.All these are addressed with the utmost intensity.

There are persons that fear those whose Sun sign is in Scorpio. Rightly so, because when he or she go wrong, it is in the most dangerous and deadly directions. What reasons miti­gate the scorpion’s great power, passion and potential for deadly control? Look at the time of their birth and you will find the answer. It is Scorpio’s reign that brings the chill of winter to the earth. Vegetation begins to die and the earth prepares for its yearly rest. This great change both shapes and colors the earth in the most ­dramatic way. Within Scorpio is the deepest of earthly secrets — transformation. Every subject of this sign understands life’s pause and deep rest, the abrupt change from plenty to the fallow and barren. Extraordinary people (there are many in this sign), know they have the power to transform anything, using something hidden within their deepest natures.

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