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Were You Born June 24 — August 23? Your Are A Leo!

If you were born June 24 — August 23,  you are a Leo!

In Western legend, the lion is the apex symbol of power — the king of the beasts, so strong and so brave that it took Hercules to destroy him. Their battle was so close that even when defeated, Zeus felt he must honor the lion with a prominent place in the night skies.

The Western Zodiac sign of LeoLeo is the zodiac’s sunshine, full of honest-hearted charm and golden warmth. Bound to be bossy, rich in ­opinions, and in definite need of a kingdom to rule, he or she still always make a good worker, a good colleague, and friend. A bit dramatic, given to flair in manner, dress and causes, this feline turns monarch at the drop of the hat. There is something regal in this sign, approachable and openly friendly, yet still very much a ruler. Step on the lion’s tail and be prepared for an outraged roar. The lion does not tolerate impertinence and will never forgive disrespect.

But, give Leo the opportunity to shine, and what a show-off develops! When happy, fulfilled and appreciated, there is no more dedicated a professional. Leo is one zodiac Sun sign that needs to work. They have a hard time pushing away from the desk, shutting down the glory and going home.

Where does that leave love and marriage? Rocky business for the king and queen of the jungle, because both have the cat’s love for strategy, manipulation, and the ­sudden pounce. Leo has the reputation for colorful love affairs and turbulent marriages. The need to be perpetually in charge does not always promote intimacy, and the incessant game playing for control seldom, if ever, encourages commitment.

Should the lion avoid marriage? Most astrologers say the one crucial ingredient for success in love is respect. Leo must admire and value, even a little slavishly, his or her mate. With a second-best partner the relationship is doomed. What’s true for marriage is also true for friends, bosses, and employees. The weak and whining can never engage the attention and respect of this king or queen. Those unfortunates are much better advised to move on, for if they don’t, Leo will.

As for children, it’s heaven or hell. Those with determination, sunny dispositions, and robust wills get feline approval. The sensitive, timid and inward can suffer. Astrologers say that Leo is one Sun sign which should carefully consider the rigors of parenthood. It will take his/her full determination to listen, encourage and refrain from bullying offspring.

Once again, as with most of the zodiac signs, the right situation makes for true fulfillment. Leos have a knack for getting on in life, for enjoying competition and making it work for them. Loyalty is one of their virtues, as is basic decency, a clear-sighted quest for equality, and a desire to display it. Leos desperately need to share of themselves in a kind and loving way. As long as they can wear the crown and be undisturbed in their reign, lions make a wonderful and delightful personality.

Were You Born June 22 — July 23? Your Sign Is Cancer!

If you were born June 22 — July 23,  you are a Cancer!

If complication in zodiac signs means opposing viewpoints at work in the same personality, then Cancer is truly a thorny person. After all, Cancer is the crab. Crabs move side to side as well as front to back, living both in the water and out of it and, in spite of a generally pacific stance, can be viciously aggressive when provoked. This is, without a doubt, one of the most complex of the Sun signs; understanding them is often difficult. Depth is a keyword for Cancer. Think of the ocean with thermal layer upon thermal layer, each a different temperature and each surging in a different direction. Then you may be able to imagine the Cancer mind!

It can be said that the first three Sun signs, Aries (fire), Taurus (earth), and Gemini (air), are rather simple, having traits that flow around a few central points, ­making them personalities who are easy to read and understand. Cancer, however, represents the solar calendar’s first complex, emotionally rich personality. His or her feelings are everything — powerful and consuming — the whole world must stop while these feelings are experienced, ­discussed, ­and reworked.

Curiously though, Cancer never really wants to ­discuss your feelings. In fact, the expression of your feelings can be rather a nuisance in conversation. Persist too long with them and the crusty side of the crab will tell you to get over it and move on. Cancers can be quite unpleasant and even drive people away with their seemingly cruel moodiness.

But enough of the negative. This Sun sign makes a deep and loving spouse, virtually unshakable in their loyalty to the right mate. As a parent they can be tenderness incarnate, nurturing, with a true insight into the child’s basic nature. That empathy is a wonderful gift for the Cancer and, properly directed, means success in every human enterprise. Business, love, spirituality, all are possible for these intricate personalities.

Certainly, to be fair, he or she is marvelous in the right situation, location or relationship. Under the best of con­ditions, the indecisive wavering, the moods, the deep tendency to worry about everything, and the disabling nostalgia for the past become only memories, and Cancer shines as radiantly as its ruling planet, the moon.

Emphatically, and more so than any other sign, this one needs a stable home life, a warm and loving family, including the extended family of uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents. The sun in Cancer needs and thrives around them all. The greater their personal connections, the more likely their happiness and contentment. In spite of their ­complexities and jittery emotional states, love, marriage and traditional values stimulate and direct these subjects in life. Home life is certainly the one prescription that always works for the Cancer personality, and without this healthy container for their emotions, they will never feel truly well and secure.
Neither will those around them.