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Were You Born November 22 – December 21? You Are a Sagittarius

You Are a SagittariusSagittarius

The Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius— November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius rules over that period when the year is ending and the New Year is about to be born. Those born under this sign often show the gift of prophecy, if they can settle down for a second from their independent, free and adventurous spirit.

Sagittarius’ embodiment is the centaur, half horse, and half man. Centaurs are often drunken creatures who are always up to mischief and no good. The exception was Cheiron, a boy-colt, raised by Apollo and Diana, who instructed him in civilized occupations, those of medicine, music, archery, gymnastics and other useful arts and sciences. They were pleased with his efforts and hard work and rewarded him with their own gift of prophecy. Growing into horse-manhood he was recognized for his wisdom, grace, and agility and was well known among the gods as a great instructor of their children. While hunting one day, he was mistakenly shot with a poisoned arrow by his good friend Hercules, the hero whose success had earned him immortality and a place among the gods. Cheiron, like all centaurs, was immortal, and Zeus was plagued by the fear that the poisoned wound would torment his beautiful protégé for the rest of eternity. Zeus decided to reward him for his services to the gods and made him the constellation Sagittarius, the Archer, ruler of the ninth house of the Western zodiac.

Sagittarius is enthusiastic and optimistic, with an open, warm and friendly personality. Easygoing and sociable they have a free and adventurous spirit that gives them an overwhelmingly cheerful disposition. They are the philosophers and explorers of the zodiacs. Straightforward and honest, their frankness can often lead to misunderstandings. They have been known to be tardy and messy, following their own timetables as they frolic through life. Sagittarians can be some of the liveliest and most charismatic of friends. They have a gift for seeing the folly of human nature while also possessing the knack for being wise and philosophical, revealing perspectives you might not otherwise see.

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Mood Ring Astrology Bar Opens

The new venture “Mood Ring”, an astrology-inspired bar, is getting positive reviews from The New Yorker Magazine, is featured on the Lonely Planet blog, and other trend-spotting sites, like Awol Junkie. Just being mentioned in the New Yorker would be a lifetime achievement. Lonely Planet, the bible of hip travelers looking for unique experiences, is not a bad place to be reviewed either! Making it to these top-of-the-tier review sites and getting stellar write-ups means you must be on to something good.

Moody Cocktails image

Leave it to the New York City hipster scene to come up with the latest trendy idea. Actually, this is really happening in Brooklyn, where youthful entrepreneurs are claiming their stake in making it big in the Big Apple. Well, make that next door to the Big Apple. THAT’s where things are really happening these days. After the flowering of Williamsburg, the next neighborhood that is set for becoming the latest creative district is Bushwick. And Mood Ring is right in the center of it all for a reason; the owners want to help inspire that creativity with their new venture.

As Brielle Schiavone, Writer & Photographer for the Bushwick Daily puts it,

Whether you love it or hate it, astrology is clearly all the rage these days. Sharing sign compatibilities and overhearing that “Mercury is in retrograde” are very real things in this year of 2017, but it’s about to get even realer here in Bushwick. Get ready friends because Mood Ring, an astrology-inspired cocktail bar, is opening this September at 1260 Myrtle Ave!

The owners are of course very into astrology. They are both Chinese-Americans who were inspired by the Berlin bar scene and their passion for films; the movie ‘In The Mood For Love’, a Hong Kong film, inspired the name of the bar and the ‘mood’.

“Us and all of our friends are obsessed with astrology. I’ve been into it since high school,” co-owner (and double-Scorpio) Vanessa Li adds. “Essentially we didn’t want Mood Ring to be a too ‘on the nose’ astrology-themed bar, so we’re playing with this idea of illustrating different personalities and moods.”
The bar is featuring drinks inspired by the zodiac sign of the month. For instance:

“‘Take Me Higher,’ our upcoming Virgo cocktail, will include St. Germain elderflower liqueur, which plays with the idea of very analytical, thoughtful people.”

In addition to their specialty drinks, the Mood Ring will offer wine and a limited menu of Chinese dishes.

According to the New Yorker’s Wei Tchou

This Bushwick bar aims to be a space for queer and trans people of color, and serves a cocktail that captures the essence of each month’s star sign.

Inclusivity is obviously important to the bar’s owners. So if you are in the neighborhood, or consulting your Lonely Planet Guide for an upcoming visit to NYC, be sure to head over to Bushwick’s new bar, Mood Ring. Their new website is:

45 Ways To Nurture Your Inner Scorpio

Nuture Yourself With Books

If you are a Scorpio, you have a charisma that delights and draws others to you. Scorpions are passionate, mysterious, and strong-willed and love to stand out in a crowd. You are powerful force and often described as intense.

That being said, what can you do to nurture that passion and intensity?

We have compiled a list of forty-five books that can help do just that.

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