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What Do These Famous People Have in Common?


Bill Gates Hilary Clinton Ryan Gossling

These famous people have something in common. At first, you may not think so. With further investigation, you might realize their birthdates fall under the western zodiac sign of SCORPIO –  October 24 – November 22. BUT, let’s see what is revealed when you combine Eastern and Western signs. To get started it is important to know the story of the two zodiacs and their beginnings.

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Were You Born October 23 – November 21? You Are A Scorpio

You Are a ScorpioScorpios born October 23 - November 21

The Zodiac Sign of Scorpio— October 23 – November 21


Do You Want A Scorpio in Your Life?

Knowing the astrological sign of your partner, colleague, friends and most especially, your adversaries is critical to your communication and ultimately the relationship you pursue. While there are two sides of every Astrological sign, let’s begin with the western version for this discussion.

Keep reading to learn the force of combining the two zodiacs to complete the puzzle of every personality as depicted in the series of books, East meets West Personality Portraits.

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Famous Libra World Leaders

Some of these politicians and world leaders may be familiar to you, others you may not have heard of. You will recognize some as heroes, others as infamous dictators or extremists.

The question is, what do they have in common? What astrological personality traits do these leaders from around the globe share? They are all Libras, to be sure. Remember, knowing one’s Western zodiac sign is only half the picture of someone’s personality.  The birth year of these people differ, and that determiner of their Eastern sign in combination with their Western sign gives their complete astrological personality portrait. If you would like to find out more about these Libras, check Wikipedia or Google to see what countries they represent and what they are known for. Read More →