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What makes people fascinated by Horoscopes?

city dwellers

City Dwellers

A recent survey conducted by YouGovUS asked people about their belief in their horoscopes. Only 6% of those surveyed said they read their horoscope every day. 45% said they never do. Interestingly, there was a direct correlation between where they live and their responses! City dwellers responded that they did indeed take their horoscopes seriously; 59% compared to 41% who did not. People not living in cities – suburbanites – were the opposite; 65% did not believe in horoscopes compared to only 35% who did take them seriously. Interestingly that turned out to be the most important factor determining people’s beliefs in horoscopes.

Suburban home

Suburban home

Even more interesting, in our opinion, is this fact: 41% of those surveyed have looked up their astrological compatibility with a potential mate. ❤ So, even though many profess they are non-believers when it comes to romance and love, many are still consulting their horoscopes, and that includes some of those who don’t live in the city!

What about you?

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